6 Times Millie Bobby Brown Ruled Street Style

Millie Bobby Brown and Jacob Sartorious just announced their young romance – and it’s obvs the cutest thing ever.

The two were spotted writing adorable comments back and forth on each other’s Twitters and IG – which hello – is true love.  Millie recently posted a photo of a giant bear he gave her writing,  “Thanks for the bear,” with a heart emoji. He commented back , “[Of] course,” with a matching heart emoji  (like, ew stop the cuteness) .

We can’t wait to watch these two evolve and continue their little romance – but that’s not the only thing we can’t get enough of. This year, Millie Bobby Brown showed that she’s not an alien to the world of fashion. She may be only 13, but she’s already killing it when she’s off duty from Stranger Things. 

Whether she’s out with friends, shopping or just getting her image out there, she knows exactly what she’s doing when it comes to street style. Check out our favorite looks below.

At the Calvin Klein AW17 show

Promoting Stranger Things

Chateau Marmont in October, 2017

Out promoting Stranger Things in NYC

Via Instagram