8 Pop Culture + Beauty Collabs That Need To Happen ASAP

We’re sure you’ve seen Covergirl’s newest collaboration with Star Wars, and if you’re like us, you can’t help but obsess over the idea that our favorite beauty brands are hooking up with some of the best pop culture phenomenons of all time! With this collab making beauty headlines across the nation, we became infatuated over what pop culture references we think need their own beauty lines and as a result, came up with some of our own pop culture related beauty collaborations.

Some of these took some thinking, but others are so obvious that we don’t know how they haven’t been done before!

Kylie Jenner and Lashes: Kylie’s lashes are definitely something to lust over and that’s why she’s first on our list! The A-lister has many beauty secrets that people are attempting to unveil and copy these days, but there’s nothing secret about false lashes. Come clean about this one, Kylie – start your own lash line and help all your beauty wannabes!

Pretty Little Liars and OPI Nail Polish: As of late, Pretty Little Liars has definitely been at the top of our newsfeeds. After recently hauling in a plethora of Teen Choice Awards and providing us with the season finale of the century (no spoilers, we promise), we don’t know how a line hasn’t risen from the dead yet.

Beyonce and MAC Cosmetics: All we have to say is that we don’t know if we’d be either Crazy In Love or Drunk In Love with this line, but we know we’d look ***Flawless, Irreplaceable and like a Diva with whatever Queen B and her team would come up with. MAC, we don’t know when this line is coming out, but this is definitely the Best Thing We’ve Never Had.

Shay Mitchell and GlamGlow: Shay Mitchell has been taking over the Hollywood scene with her new sunglasses and athleisure lines, so we think it’s time to add another product to the list. For those who follow the PLL star on snapchat, you’re well aware of Shay’s obsession with face masks (hence why her skin is the greatest thing ever). Given her recent confession to Teen Vogue regarding her love for Glam Glow masks, we think she’d be the perfect model to front a face mask line.

Disney Princesses and MAC Cosmetics: Females love Disney; it’s just a fact. MAC even put out a Cinderella line that literally sold out so fast, you could only purchase the pieces on eBay for nearly double the price! Give Disney’s other leading ladies some love and put out an entire princess collection, MAC. If Marge Simpson, Barbie, Hello Kitty, and the Disney Villains get their own line, Ariel and Pocahontas deserve a chance, too! 

Sex in the City and Lancôme: Whether you want Carrie’s smokey eye, Charlotte’s sweet and rosy look, lips like Samantha or Miranda’s glow, we should be able to get their beauty looks somewhere, right? With Sex in the City being one of the top grossing shows of all time, we all still crave more from our favorite quad of ladies! And, what better brand to take on the task of transforming us into the Manhattan crew than Lancôme?

Zendaya and Urban Decay: This new-to-the-A-list bombshell has given us the best smokey eyes, the boldest lips, and the sexiest barely-there beauty looks this year. Her valiant and fearless attitude pairs perfectly with anything Urban Decay related, which is why we foresee a collaboration in the near future. If not, we can think of countless other brands who will take her up on this offer!

Vanessa Hudgens and Big Sexy Hair: Since our obsession began in High School Musical, Vanessa Hudgens ever-changing hair has gone from cute, to sleek, to super sexy and is continuously evolving. Since her hair has been a topic of interest over the last few years, we don’t know how a hair collaboration hasn’t come to be! Vanessa, skip the Spring Break sequel (believe us, we hope there’s not one) and get with Big Sexy Hair!