8 Winter Wardrobe Essentials You Need this Season

We’re heading into the thick of the winter, where the temperatures may become a little more frigid and it’s more of a struggle to dress warm while still remaining stylish. Although we have been experiencing a milder fall/winter this year, there’s no telling what January, February and even March, may bring, which is why it’s imperative to start preparing your wardrobe now. Plus, it gives you yet another reason to shop for yourself during the holiday season! While you obviously should already have a warm puffer or peacoat and a super chic sweater to get you through the colder season, you’ll want to invest in a killer pair of booties that will not only survive the snow but also compliment any outfit, accessories to garnish the chicest looks and fur. Lots and lots of fur – no matter if you prefer it vegan or real. Below, we’ve gathered a number of winter essentials via a few of our most fabulous ambassadors. Shop their must-haves and see how they styled their own looks!

Jayci Steingass

Bar Stud Earrings

I’m a sucker for minimalist jewelry and happened to stumble upon the stick and dash “wisp” earrings from WWake. For tiny studs, they are a bit on the more expensive side, which likely results from the type of gold or silver used, and the actual production. However, if you’re unwilling or unable to make the splurge, there are a ton of similar styles available on Etsy

Navy Sequin Tops & Dresses 

I’m currently obsessed with this color/texture combo! Pair it with gold accessories and you’re guaranteed to be the most festive in the room.

Shop the look: Lulu’s

Elise Ritter

Knit Beanies

There’s no better way to stay both cozy and stylish during the winter season than with a knit beanie. No matter your own personal style, you can throw on a beanie to give your look a bit more edge, to dress it down or if you’re going for an overall cute aesthetic a la Lauren Conrad. Whether you go for a slouchy look or one with a pom at the top, there’s no wrong way to wear one of the winter’s hottest staples.

Shop the look: Love Your Mellon

A Classic Turtleneck

Investing in a black turtleneck will not only provide warmth but the ultimate chicness. The turtleneck is a classic as it serves as an easy layering piece (who said you can’t wear sleeveless dresses during the winter?!), or simply worn on its own with black booties and skinny jeans. 

Shop the look: Turtle Neck (Forever 21), Skinny Jeans (American Eagle), Booties (Charlotte Russe)

Comfy Boot Socks

Boot socks are perfect for the winter weather, whether you wear them over your tights, around the house with an oversize sweater or over leggings and under your boots. 

Shop the look: J. Crew

Diana Chuong

Mittens by Isotoner 

Last year, I’ve found the holy grail of all mittens and now I can’t go back. These aren’t your ordinary pair of mittens, no! Think back to the softest things you’ve ever touched and multiply that by 10! That’s what the Isotoner mittens are. Everyone — my family, gal pals, and even guy friends want a pair of these because they have never felt anything so cuddly. I always shy away from mittens because my fingers feel constricted but I love how these have a flip top. And of course I asked my mom for two pairs because I couldn’t decide which color! They came out with a whole new set of patterns this year that are just beautiful so there’s more variety to choose from! 

Shop the look: Macy’s

A good pair of winter boots

You guys haven’t experienced real winter weather until you’ve survived a Minnesota winter. 2015 marks my sixteenth year going through this, and to be honest I don’t think I’ll ever adjust to the seasonal, frigid conditions! Luckily, I’ve invested in some babies that’ll make this winter a little more comfortable. If you ladies are like me who needs a pair of winter shoes with a little more durability, then look no further. The classic Uggs aren’t as durable as I like them to be, and I’m not a fan of the Sorels because it looks like I’m about to go on an Arctic exhibition. So, enter the Chancery Bomber boot by Ugg. Its all-water-resistant-leather lets me power through the streets without the sleet and snow ruining my shoes, and interior sheep skin keeps me nice and warm. In addition, the sole of the shoe has a firm grip like no other so the ice doesn’t even stand a chance against me this year! Finally, the decorative buckles gives this boot a stylish finish so I’m also fashionably ready for the Minnesota Winter. 

Shop the look: Ugg Australia

Faux Fur

One cannot complete winter chic without a little faux fur. Whether it’s a neck piece or a scarf like the one here, a little fur can definitely take your look to that extra mile! 

Shop the look: Hollister Co