80’s Neon Fashion Is In & You Will Rock It

80’s neon fashion isn’t just a costume any more, The powerful look is the newest big thing and we’re all here for it.We saw loads of bright colors on the 2018 runways, but for 2019, we saw even brighter. Neon is what you need to be seen in no matter what your fashion style be. While we love black outfits, we’re ready to step outside our comfort zone and rock this look. Neon is popping up all over retail stores already and is gearing up for the next season.

If you’re on Instagram, most likely you have already seen the Zara sweater that has taken the fashion world by storm. It comes in neon pink and green, and it’s cozy AF. Additionally, if you’re on the petite side, you can totally wear the sweater as a dress.

Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Rita Ora and Jennifer Lopez already are adding the 80’s neon fashion to their closets. But how do you wear it? Follow these steps.

First of all, have confidence: This is what you want to wear, so wear it! Don’t GAF and when people are telling you your outfit is really bright, say “thanks.” Own it, after all, you are a trendsetter.

Secondly, wear a little or wear a lot: If you want to wear it from head to toe like Kim Kardashian, do it! This is the time to show off your styling and the exciting look is exactly that – fabulous and fun. If you want to only wear a little, try it in an accessory like a belt or heels. A little goes a long way.

Finally, mix and match the colors: Go fashionably big, or go home – right? Don’t be afraid to mix neons with neons. A orange neon suit looks amazing with a neon pink fanny pack. Who needs to pick one when you can have them all?

Check out these style icons who rocked the 80’s neon fashion with ease and get your inspo on.

By Staci Wuokko