A Day in the Life of Carrie Bradshaw

Like many women, Sex and the City is my favorite television show. I’ve seen every episode and movie, and every time that E! runs a marathon, my day suddenly revolves around it. Having recently traveled to New York City, I had the unique opportunity to visit locations from the filming of the show and movies by way of a “Sex and the City tour.”

Sex and the City is a revolutionary show because it was the first to fully film all content in New York City. Shows like Friends and Seinfeld that appear to take place in New York were actually filmed in studios in California, and would get exterior shots from New York. Although it was extremely expensive for HBO to film in NYC, it truly paid off given the show’s popularity.

One of the first stops on the tour was the restaurant Buddakan, which was the location of Carrie and Big’s rehearsal dinner in the first movie. It’s located next to Chelsea Market on 9th Avenue, which is conveniently positioned near the trendy Meatpacking District.

While driving throughout the city, the tour guide rambled off various facts about the show while also pointing out various locations the show filmed at, i.e. Cowgirl Restaurant in the West Village was the scene of the infamous post breakup run-in between Carrie, Miranda, Steve and Aidan.

A few interesting facts the tour guide mentioned include the fact that Sarah Jessica Parker’s contract stated that she got to keep every outfit she wore on the show. She was also a producer on the show, and would oversee every script before filming. I’ve always loved SJP as an actress, but knowing that she had this much power behind-the-scenes as well caused me to respect her even more.

My favorite portion of the tour was definitely visiting Carrie’s brownstone stoop. In reality, her apartment is actually located in the West Village despite being located in the Upper East Side in the show. The interior of the building was never actually filmed, and instead her apartment scenes were filmed on a set in Queens, New York. Any recurring locations like the women’s apartments were also filmed on this set in order to cut down on costs. The location of Carrie’s brownstone is nestled among stores like Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors, as well as the famous Magnolia Bakery. It’s the perfect place to spend an enjoyable afternoon shopping and dining, and you may even see a celebrity or two walking around due to its location in the trendy West Village.

Written by: Bethany Stokoski