A Day in the Life During NYFW: as Told by ‘The Hills’ Gifs

If you’ve been keeping up with our social media over the last few weeks, you’ve seen that our NYFW trip was anything but underwhelming. From early mornings without coffee and dinners that started at 10:00 pm, to countless hours in heels and the tendency to reapply our lipstick every hour, on the hour, our daily line up was far from boring. We’ll let you take a walk in our shoes (because we need a break from our heels anyways) and show you what a day in the life of a PR girl at fashion week is really like!

10:00am: Rise and Shine! Let’s take the next two hours to shower, plan our outfits, do our hair and makeup and do a little bit of editorial planing.

12:00pm: We realize that our plan of leaving by 12:10 [at the latest] is not happening.

12:35pm: While waiting on the slowest elevators in America, Lauren realizes her sunglasses were left in the room and it’s extremely sunny outside — *sprints to room

12:39pm: There’s a cab waiting outside and we didn’t even have to hail it (score)!

1:00pm: Dropped off in the middle of fifth ave where we wander aimlessly before realizing that the coffee shop is directly across the street from where we were dropped.

1:10pm: Quick lunch at Cosi where we spend $25 on two sandwiches and drinks. Seriously, New York? Of note – the cashier asked if we wanted chips or carrots. You can guess which option we selected.

1:20pm: Rush back to Macchiato for our coffee date.

2:20pm: Walk over to Karen Millen’s flagship, fighting off fellow tourists on 5th Ave.

2:25pm: Receive an official tour of the Karen Millen 5th Ave flagship store

2:47pm: H&M break before our next shows!

3:15: Picked up by an Uber that originally stated it was less than 5 minutes away — the New York wait time is crazy

3:50pm: Arrive at Pier 59 for the Michael Costello show!

3:55pm: Hang around NYFW lounge at Pier 59 while awaiting Costello seating. Chit chat and snap a pic with Ty Hunter, Beyonce’s stylist!

4:20pm: Seated front row at Costello (how did we get so lucky?!)

4:25pm: Gets photo taken, live from the front row!

4:27pm: PR maven tells us to make room for Shaun D Ross and Karrueche Tran (Their wish, and obviously, our command).

4:35ish: Costello opens with the most beautiful white gown. Can you say wedding fever?

4:50pm: The show is over and it’s a madhouse. Everyone is trying to get to the Hilton sisters, who are rushed out by security detail.

4:56pm: Begin walking back to hotel until Google maps says that hotel is a 45 minute walk away; Uber, please!

5:35pm: Arrive at our hotel and it’s time to recharge both our phone and lives.

6:10pm: Hop in a new cab to head to happy hour at the Soho Grand Hotel.

6:39pm: It’s finally happy hour!

7:55pm: Farewell, Soho! Back to the hotel we go.

8:40pm: Time to change into something more comfortable and get dinner at Route 66 Grill (finally), where cute drinks and copious amounts of cheese seems to be the theme.


9:32pm: Our drinks are gone before our meals even arrive – typical. In case you were wondering, we stuck with our NYFW diets and had Avocado Chicken Cesar and Greek salads.

10:16pm: We enter our bedtime routine with pajamas, our hair up and face masks on, recapping the madness that was the day!

10:40pm: Bodies are officially under the covers and we can breathe – tomorrow we do it all over again!