WRUW Investigates: Do I Have To Accept My Boss’s Friend Request Or Instagram Follow?

boss's friend request

In some environments (like at WhatRUWearing), you don’t have to think twice about accepting your boss’s friend request. That’s because they know who you are and are your mentor. But for the majority of the world, receiving a friend request on Facebook, or an Instagram follow request from your boss can be totally awkward. Especially if you don’t want to accept them.

So, what exactly are you to do if your boss sends you a request you don’t want to accept? The first thing to do is not feel guilty. Do not social media shame yourself! It’s totally okay to set boundaries between work and your personal life and to not look twice at your boss’s friend request. In fact, for some work places, it’s a must. Let’s not forget, accepting can cause drama.

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For example, did you get out of that after work thing but caught posting on your IG story? Busted. Now you have created a line of broken trust, something you never want to do with your boss! Forget to mark something “restricted” that you shared on your Facebook that you didn’t want your work to know, at least not yet? The important questions to ask yourself when debating if you should accept your boss should be:

Do I use social media to share my private life (including political thoughts, religion, etc.) – and do I realized by accepting my boss’s friend request I’m allowing them in?
Will I be cautious when I am drinking to not post anything that could create a bad image? Or will my boss think differently of me if I do?
Do I care if my boss always knows what I am up to?
Will I come in hungover after posting drunken and blacked out stories all night to the point it affects my work and my boss questions it? (kidding … but also, not.)

On top of it all, your boss might see you completely differently in your workplace, than your social life. Now, that’s something to think about. If you struggle with any of these questions, then it’s time to do one thing. Ignore the request. Your boss most likely will understand and never question you on the request.

But what if they do? Simple – let them know you must have missed it or you’re never on social media so you haven’t seen it yet. They’ll get the subtle hint, and understand that you are setting boundaries with your personal life. Additionally, you have every right to be honest with them and simply state that you don’t mix personal with work. Again, don’t social shame yourself!

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You are in charge of this situation – not your boss – and denying a friend request is not going to affect your work – but accepting it might. So weigh out the consequences and leave it at that! Now, go get that raise $$$!