Adulting: How To Appropriately Wear Thigh High Boots

They’re sexy, hot and trendier than ever – we’re talking thigh high boots. We’ve seen them in every color and fabric. From suede to leather, there’s no doubt they’re the “it” shoe of the season. But if you’re finally admitting you’re no longer 21-years-old, wearing them can be scarier than ever. But relax, because that doesn’t mean you should miss out on all the fun. You can get away with wearing them without looking like the main character from Pretty Woman –  when done correctly. Keep reading to see our favorite styles that scream sophisticated, and less titillating.

A-line It
This look is perfect for the cold winter. Not only do you look extremely stylish, but you’re also being practical in the chilly weather. Find a more pointy-style of thigh highs and pair with a form fitting shirt and midi skirt. Don’t be afraid to mix textures – in this case, more is merrier.

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Cover Up
You can still show off your legs while looking extra conservative. Wear a duster or a long vest to shield the back part of a mini skirt. This keeps you looking classy because you’re only showing a slither of skin, but still sexy enough to get your significant other wondering what you have going on under there. From business events to date night, this is a look that can do no wrong.

Oversized Load
Luckily for all, oversized sweaters and loungewear are totally in, meaning anyone can get away with this – not just the trendy teens. Opt for an overtsized sweater that hits at knee-length or a large t-shirt with a denim jacket over it. You can even make your boyfriend’s XL sweatshirt look like a whole new piece on your way to brunch by adding any thigh high with it. Word to the wise, make sure everything comes to or right above your knee – or you may look like a Kylie Jenner wannabe.

Blue Jean Baby
Of course, any pair of skinny denim jeans is going to look amazing with a pair of thigh highs. It’s the top portion you must be concerned about. Avoid crop tops and go for an oversized blazer or sweater. If you want something more form fitting to show off your figure, bodysuits or turtleneck sweaters can turn up the chic heat.

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Canadian Tuxedo
Is there any celebrity out there who hasn’t tried this look? And we must say, they’ve all NAILED it. From J. Lo and Selena, to Alessandra and Khloe Kardashian, this ensemble can catch an eye from a mile away. Don’t believe us? Just take some cues from the photo below.