Affordable Lip Colors for All Complexions

Lip sticks can be either be a great finishing touch or throw off the whole look. As lip color brands and colors expanded, there became a whole new meaning to “beating your face.” Often times we see women with a lip color that doesn’t really compliment their skin tone and it makes me wonder if they got a second opinion before putting it on. Even though there are so many brands and colors out there, that doesn’t mean they look good on everyone. Here is a list of brands and colors that will be great for all different skin tones.

Pink or Blush Tones

As much as we love pink lipstick, a bright pink does not flatter everyone, no matter their complexion. Some bright pink lipsticks can be very harsh on the skin and give a chalky look. For women with lighter skin, I would recommend “Miss or Madam” from Sephora’s lipstick collection. It gives a very soft look and complements the skin. For women of color, who worry about wearing bright colors not complementing her complexion, I would recommend “Naturally Chic” by Milani, which looks great on the skin.

Red—Bold or Subtle

Who doesn’t love a bold red lip? It can take any outfit to the next level, all with the right brand and shade. However, some red lips can come off looking cheap or even tacky. Our solution? “Colourpop”, a great and inexpensive brand that looks good on all skin tones! They even have samples of their colors on three different complexions so you can see how it looks before you buy their product. “Creeper” is a bold red matte lip color that looks versatile and flattering.

Purples and Deep Shades

A purple or a dark lip can transform any look from simple to bold with just one touch. Dark lips are especially good for adding an edgy touch to your outfit and would be great for a night outing. “Heroine” by Mac is good because although it’s a darker color it also has a bright hue and will look good on any complexion. It also does not dry the lips out, in comparison to other highly pigmented shades. “Limbo”, another “Colourpop” shade is a deep brown matte color that can be worn during the day and night time.


Written by: Teryn Payne