All We (Fashion Editors) Really Want For Christmas in 2017

This year we aren’t asking for a slick new notebook to get all our thoughts down, nor are we asking for the latest Gucci purse – no, this year we are asking for what we need.

We need more girl and brain power. This Christmas we don’t need a little blue box, no – we need one that unwraps unity among women that lifts each other up.

We don’t need a fashion designer box with a big bow this season. We need more imperfect stockings that include stretchmarks, scars, freckles and a world that shows every shape and size.

We don’t need to unbox another new pair of red bottoms. We need diversity under the tree that shows all cultures, all colors, all backgrounds – all of us.

We want what’s on the top of our list – no filters, no editing – we want natural and beauty shown that exists in everyone. We want clothes and runways that come in every size and every category – we want everyone to feel pretty and sexy. We want affordability and versatility.

We want more eco-friendly products and less pollution. We want more labor laws and safety.

We want less fillers and eye shadow palettes and more foundations of feelings and emotions.

No, this Christmas we don’t need shoes, perfumes, sweaters and fancy dresses. No, we want change, and we want it to start with us.