Annoying AF: Here’s How To Fix The “?” That’s Replaced Your ‘I” On Your iPhone

This is the most annoying thing to happen since you broke up with your boyfriend and he figured out a way to get around the iPhone number block – everytime you try to type the letter “I” on your phone, a question mark with a box shows up – um, can you say frustrating!?

Sadly, it’s due to the latest software update with Apple, but there is good news. You are able to fix it. Follow these steps and you can go back to making it about “I,” and stop talking about a mysterious box.

  1. In your Settings, go to the General section.
  2. Click Keyboard
  3. Click Text Replacement.
  4. Once in Text Replacement, click the + in the upper right hand corner.
  5. Next to Phrase put a lowercase i and next to Shortcut put an uppercase I, then click save.

You may need to do it twice, but after that, you should have freedom from this annoying AF box! Happy texting!