Ariana Grande Pete Davidson Engagement Off: 10 Outfits Ariana Should Repeat Post Break Up

We hoped it wasn’t so – but it is. The Ariana Grande Pete Davidson engagement is off.

Things got a little weird after people noticed Pete got rid of his Dangerous Woman tattoo. Stuff hit the fan when the Grande crew started wondering if the Ariana Grande Pete Davidson engagement was done and done. While rumors continue about Ariana giving back the engagement ring. Sources are thinking the relationship is still not over. “They totally could get back together because who knows with those two,” the source told PEOPLE. “Honestly, who knows — they were fully together on Saturday.”

We can’t help to think she needs some time to process everything that happened with Mac Miller – and who wouldn’t!? That is something emotionally hard to take on.

Another insider added, “It’s not totally over. She supported him at SNL this weekend, and with them, you never know. They put on this front of being so happy but there were lots of fights and struggles behind the scenes.”

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Either way, Ariana needs to look damn good right now after breaking up with Pete – and she clearly knows how to handle a breakup.

The singer, has been spotted with big smiles and her cuddly pig all over social media. Look at her now, boy! Is regret setting in yet? JK. But seriously, we know Ariana is going to be looking killer these next few days. Perhaps it is just a time for healing and the two will be better than ever. After all, Pete did mention on SNL recently that he would hope they would never break up. Especially since she named a song after him … um … yeah, awkward.

Check out some of our fav dope outfits the starlet has worn and should repeat post break up to keep her looking even more sweeter than her sweetener.