As If: Clueless-Inspired Get Ups Are Going To Be In Everyone’s Closet For Spring

Don’t “whatever” us – this trend is blowing up.

If you have been to your favorite clothing store or for damn sake’s a Zara in the last few weeks, you have probably noticed the mass amounts of tartan print. But not only are they plaid prints in bold colors, they’re full sets that match from top to bottom. At first, we weren’t really sure of the 90s vibe, but once we saw Dominque K Jones, Chicago wardrobe stylist and personal shopper, put together an outfit for a photo shoot with the popular look during a WRUW takeover, we were instantly obsessed!

Besides, when weren’t Cher and Dee from Clueless flawless when they wore the pattern? Uh, never. Whether it’s a blazer and skirt, shorts and a jacket, or pants and a top, the school girl look has never been hotter. We rounded up some of our favorite sets that are out on the web, that we need right now.

Skirt, $43
Jacket, $68

Jumpsuit, $69.90

Bermuda shorts, $45.90

Leggings and crop top set, $17

Checkered skirt, $35

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  1. cottage on March 12, 2018 at 8:04 pm

    The skirt looks a tad too tight though it might be the pose. I don”t like the shoes either, single soled and no ankles strap with that length skirt. I also prefer the runway blouse but her version works well for her. Having said all that I think it”s a pretty decent look for her though I am more drawn to the pristine elegant cool feel and look on the model. paperhelp