AS IF! Our WRUW Updated Clueless Cast

Name the one movie we’re still obsessing over 20 years later? Of course, it’s “Clueless”. With the recent anniversary of the one movie that sparked our love for fashion,  we thought about how awesome it would be if they brought back our favorite film with an updated cast of Hollywood’s most popular stars. From the perfect blonde, Cher, to the daring, diva, bff, Dee, we were inspired to pick our own 2015 Clueless cast.

Will the characters we chose be able to fill their shoes? And if you don’t agree with us… “As if”…


Ashley Benson as Cher. This PLL star is the epitome of the modern-day Cher. Like, can’t you totally see it?


Zoe Kravitz as Dee. She’s the perfect, sassy, shade-throwing, other half to her blonde BFF.


Sarah Hyland as Tai. Her spunk makes her the perfect candidate. As Cher and Dee’s project, we think she’ll take direction nicely.


Tyler Posey as Josh. This tall, dark and handsome Teen Wolf actor fills Josh’s shoes nicely, very nicely.


Michael B. Jordan as Murray. Although our actor pick does not wear braces, his weird charm is sure to win Dee over.


Colton Haynes as none other than Christian. Just look at that face…need we say more?


Ansel Elgort as Elton. Don’t let his recent roles fool you. We believe he can step up to the plate and be the arrogant, rich kid, too!


Emma Roberts as Amber. Although sweet and bubbly in real life, her capability to act like a stuck up snob is perfect for the part.


We bet you haven’t seen this guy in a while. We picked Daryl Sabara as Travis because we think he would be able to pull off the Travis-isms like a pro.

*All Courtesy Photos