ASOS Creates Another WTF Moment Because The World Wasn’t Freaking Out Enough

ASOS is literally taking a crack at something new when it comes to their jeans.

We’re not really sure what to call them – cutout jeans? Built-in crack denim? Either way, should we wear them? ASOS has released a pair of pants that conveniently have just enough air flow on top with one small strip of fabric – looking exactly, as many fashionistas have dubbed. like a “fake butt crack.”

According to the website, they are “High Waisted Straight Leg Jeans with Open Back in Ashes Washed Black with Belt.”

We kind of weirdly like them – but we can guarantee anyone who doesn’t get fashion what so ever will ask you a million questions on why you’re wearing them and state “I just don’t get it” (you know, like every time you wear your red lipstick around your boyfriend).

Topshop has made some strange pants too this past year, including see-through jeans and chaps that unzip at the booty – however – ASOS decided to out smart them by making their pair of fancy pants a little more affordable. So what’s the cost of a butt crack? A mere $60. Buy them soon because we bet your butt’s dollar, they’ll sell out fast (and no, we aren’t making this the butt of our jokes … they really will fly off the shelves fast!)….