Avoid Being Basic: Here Are The Most Popular 2017 Halloween Costumes

It’s pretty obvs which Halloween costumes are going to steal the show, but we’ve all lived the horrific moment of thinking you totes thought of something so unique and amazing, only to see if on another person who made it looks 10x worse than you. This year, be prepared with our help. Here is a full list via Pinterest of the most popular 2017 Halloween costumes.

Group Costumes
1. Gaston and His Maids – the search rose up 680%!

2. Ken Dolls –  WTF! Searches are up 435 percent for this f*&^boy

3. Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow – We won’t lie, everyone will be dressed like this but who wouldn’t want to be – Searches for Daenerys costumes up by 91 percent and Jon Snow costumes up by 280 percent over the last year.

4. Rugrats – Searches for Angelica, Tommy, Chuckie, and crew are up 150 percent.

5. Baywatch – Searches for iconic lifeguards have gone up 147 percent over the past year.

6. All the Audrey Hepburn Costumes from Big Little Lies – Searches for this basic b*tch idea have gone up 64 percent since last year.

7. Stranger Things – Searches — Up 40 percent from last year.

8. Frat Boys – Pinned whopping more than 50,000 times!

9. The Four Seasons – One photo featuring girls dressed as four different seasons was pinned over 25k times.

10. Female Boxers – We feisty AF so this is a no brainer.

Solo Costumes
1. Disney Characters – Pinned more than 675,000 times.

2. Wonder Woman – Pinned over 60K times.

3. Belle from Beauty and the Beast – The blue dress-and-apron outfit has been pinned for Halloween more than 30,000 times.

4. Girl Scout – Up 450 percent year over year.

5. Groot – Up 133 percent in the past year.

6. Unicorns – Sometimes, we just want to be magical. – Up 110 percent this year.

7. Aliens – Alien Halloween costume searches up 100 percent since last year.

8. T-Rex – We aren’t sure if this is the blow up one, or normal costume but either way it’s been pinned over 12,000 times.

Makeup Looks
1. Giraffe Makeup – Up  1,200 percent since last year.

2. Clown Makeup – Up 941 percent – we’l blame “It” for this.

3. Spiderwoman Makeup – Might as well make a bug we hate sexy! Up 100 percent since last year.

4. Galaxy Makeup –  Space-age tutorials have been pinned more than 125,000 times.

5. Pop Art Lips – Lichtenstein makeup tutorials have been pinned more than 80,000 times.

6. Wednesday Addams – Makeup tutorials for the Addams Family daughter’s have been pinned more than 40,000 times.

7. Pixelated Face – Pinned over 26,000 times.