Baby Blues: 4-Celeb Inspired Ways To Wear A Denim Skirt

Looking for a substitute for your cut offs? Look no further than the denim skirt.

If we could, we’d wear a denim skirt every weekend of the summer. It’s the perfect piece for the season because it’s effortlessly chic.  It’s even better for pool parties and beaches , quickly making your one piece suit versatile to go from day to night. Whether short or long, the jean skirt is a must-have for everyone right now. Don’t believe us? Check out 4 celebrities wearing the trend.

Kendall Jenner can make anything look good – including a distressed, denim skirt. Balancing is key when it comes to styling. Mix a super feminime top with a ripped jean skirt to balance out one another, creating one ultra chic look like Kenadall’s.

The line “keep it simple, stupid,” holds true to outfits, too. A basic cami, tshirt or tank top can make for one complete look. Throw on a pair of shades and grab your fav bag like Bella, and you’ll look like you just stepped off the runway.

Denim on denim sounds crazy, but trust us, it’s not. Either wear a light color wash on the bottom and a dark on top, or a dark denim on bottom and a lighter wash on bottom. Whether it’s a jean jacket or a denim button-down, we can promise you’ll look 100p. Going out to the club but have to look day time acceptable? Pair it with strappy heels like Olivia for a night out ensemble.

If the short style isn’t your thing – don’t freak out. You don’t need to shimmy into a mini jean skirt to look stylish. Because the trend is so popular right now, designers have made all sorts of lengths – including, mini, midi, knee length and maxi. Jessica Alba dressed her piece up by choosing a lacey top and pairing it with lace up heels.