How To Wear Barrettes Without Looking Like 5-Year-Old You

Barrettes are no longer for keeping your hair back. They’re now just as much for looks and design, as they are for practical use. No, we’re not talking about your butterfly clips from back in the day (but if you can rock those, by all means please do and send us the photo). We’re talking about an actual art of the hair accessory.It’s a total Parisian-chic look, and trust us, your friends and strangers won’t be able to stop staring at how gorgeous your little hair barrettes are. Whether chunky, thin or the classic, loads of barrettes hit the runways. The best part? There’s really no wrong way to wear them right now. Creativity and artsy are in when it comes to these hair accessories.

The clips instantly add extra to your outfit and overall beauty look. They make you look like you put loads of effort into getting ready, when reality, you probably had to throw some in because you didn’t have time to brush and do your hair.

Go for a ’90’s Clueless vibe or opt for a ’70’s style instead. We’re stuck in a time machine of the past of fashion, and we’re totally into it.

The easiest and most dope fashionable way RN to wear the barrettes? By taking a middle part to your hair and clipping multiple barrettes on each side. Think Solange back in 2016. Or relive your childhood fashion dreams by placing a zig-zag part and putting a few barrettes in to be a real hair beauty queen.

If you’re ready to clip into the look, hit your drugstore or amazon for a simple barrette. Or, hit a thrift store or vintage store if you want to opt for a high fashion brand. Finally, our last tip? Get creative AF. Check out some inspo below to get you started.