5 Ways To Be More Inclusive In The Fashion & Creative World

Being diverse is totally different than being inclusive. Think if you were at a party and not one person came over and spoke to you. Not one person asked you to join conversation, a game, or to talk. You were simply standing alone with no one. There is nothing like feeling excluded, and that’s why the fashion and creative industry needs to open their eyes. While we get the industry to start moving in the right direction, it starts with us. Here are five ways to start being more inclusive and make sure you’re including everyone.

Follow a variety of social media accounts: If you’re only following the same type of accounts, you’re not thinking big enough. This is how the fashion world got stuck to begin with – “a type” was made. Follow all different people and companies. We guarantee you’ll learn a lot and get a better grasp on what more people are wanting and looking for.

Acknowledge people’s situations – no matter what they are: Everyone comes from different walks of life and can offer different perspectives on things. Get to know someone and listen. Acknowledging has lots to do with LISTENING. If you listen, you’ll learn. Be open and learn about people’s “situations.” For example, fashion is now moving forward for creating more lines that help people with disabilities. This is because they acknowledged it was a problem for them, and the fashion world hadn’t done anything about it.

Make sure your work, fashion or creative crew is of all different minds: We know, we can’t force you to like someone and we can’t tell you to be friends with someone simply because of their culture. That’s not how this works. But there needs to be a variety of minds who have different offering at your fashion or creative inner circle. This will help you come up with more ideas that are inclusive because you are hearing different perspectives.

Attend an assortment of events and speakers: Don’t stick to the same events or type of events, this will get you no where. Go to one you don’t normally attend or that might make you initially feel uncomfortable. You are going to become more comfortable and see what it’s about. Listen to a speaker you wouldn’t typically see, and learn more about them. Just like you need to follow different social media accounts, you need to attend different events and speakers to get out of your bubble.

Join our #ReflectMeLike Campaign: (#)ReflectMeLike means we, as content consumers, are done letting other people show us our reflection from their perspective. Our ultimate goal is to create, produce and offer content that everyone can see themselves in.Showing us how you want to reflect in the industry with the hashtag shares the world your thoughts.