7 Beauty Resolutions To Make & Keep For 2017

A new year means one thing – New Year’s resolutions. While diet, excercise and budgeting are all important, don’t forget to give your beauty routine some TLC, too. Here are some resolutions you’ll want to make and keep for 2017.

Take It Off

You face loads of debris every day that catches and sticks to your face. From talking on your cell phone and makeup, to damaging sun rays and pollution, it’s easier than ever for your pores to get clogged. Make extra effort to remove makeup every night before going to bed. Not only will this keep your skin healthy, but it’ll also make cells turnover faster, meaning less wrinkles.

Lazy Girl: Use makeup wipes and keep them on your nightstand.

Stop Being Picky

When you see a pimple, your first instinct may be to pick, pop, and touch it. But seriously, back off! This causes bacteria to spread making more breakouts and can even cause infection. Try concealing with  medicated acne cover up, or better yet, leaving the area makeup free until it vanishes (easier said that done, we know).

Lazy Girl: Try invisible dots which are acne patches that cover the problem area and contain acne medication.

Beat The Heat

Try giving yourself longer breaks between blowdrying or heated tools. Using them too often, creates breakage and brittle dry hair. Addditionally, when you do use it, be sure to use a heat protector every single time. Long hair, don’t care – well, now we do!

Lazy Girl: If you want to go a long time without having to wash your hair and avoid a blow dryer, opt for some dry shampoo.

Brush Up

We’re all guilty of it – not taking the time to clean our makeup brushes. Letting your brushes go dirty can put bacteria and debris onto your face – gross! Make a habit of washing them weekly and we gurauntee you’ll see a new fresh glow for the year.

Lazy Girl: Just like makeup wipes exist – so do makeup brush wipes and spray. Clean them quickly by using these God sent products. 

Get The Nutrients You Need

We don’t always get our daily nutrients we need into our diet, which in return, messes with our hair, skin and nails. Take a daily multi-vitamin and add Biotin or a hair and nails specific vitamin to it as well. We promise you’ll see huge results in your hair flips.

Lazy Girl: Leave a vitamin bottle on your desk at work, so you never forget to take it on week days.

Nail It

Did you know your hands are sometimes the first thing they notice – even before your gorgeous eyes! In fact, it’s been proven in studies that beautiful nails mean powerful women in the work place. Take care of your cuticles and nails, and use a hand lotion every day.

Illuminate Yourself

Illuminaters are all the rage for the year. They’ll brighten up dull winter skin, making you have a healthy summer glow no matter what season it is.