Because You Know You Want To: Here’s How To Dive Into The Fanny Pack Trend

We won’t lie – we totally thought the fanny pack was going to be fad and be gone after a season – well, we were wrong!

In fact, it’s going to be hotter than ever this spring. It hit the runways of NYFW Spring 2018, and celebs and stylists are picking up even more creative ways to go hands free with your purse. While the accessory is trendy AF, it’s easy to make it look more tourist than chic – so get your sh*t together and follow our guide before trying it on your own.

Cross my heart

The fanny pack is the new crossbody bag. When wearing one close to your heart, keep it simple so it blends in with your ensemble – a fanny pack always stands out and you don’t need to draw more attention to it when you’re wearing it this dope way.

Cold Shoulder

Throw it over your shoulder to look hella good. Pick one with a rounder curve to give off fashion vibes and less  WTF are you doing vibes. Choose one with lots of zippers, bold colors or extreme logos to  be extra without trying too hard.


Sure, this is how you’re supposed to wear a fanny pack – but how do the celebs make it look SO good!? They keep it as simple as possible. Choose a more elegant version when wearing it around your waist, as seen above like Kendall Jenner. Keep it business in the front, or let it party off to the side, it doesn’t matter – just remember in this case, less is more.

It’s A Cinch

Who needs a belt when you have a fanny pack? Not us or you. Wear it over your clothes on areas like your waist or hips, when you want to still show off your figure but give it that Paris girl style.