Behind the Scenes with WhatRUWearing: 06 – Whitney Middleton, Stylist & Creative Director


When asked how she got to the point in her career as a stylist to amazing people like Chance the Rapper, Whitney said, “networking with a focus on the career I want in mind instead of the one I had.”

Whitney Middleton is a product of Chicago, which seems to be a running theme for awesomeness. We got to spend some time with her in our podcast studio a couple of weeks ago and loved every minute of it. We would dare to say, it was our favorite interview in our full two seasons. She has already accomplished more then what most people can imagine for themselves and this is just the beginning. In this latest episode of BTS, you will hear about the less glamorous side of the fashion and styling business, who else Whitney would love to style and why Whitney hasn’t seen her boo in 4 weeks. Once you’re done here, make sure to go check out Whitney’s podcast cast episode too!