Behind the scenes with WhatRUWearing: 04 Alyssa Doorhy- Fashion Stylist & Founder of CoChic Styling

“A lot of people have a personal style, they just don’t know what it is and it’s my job to help them figure it out.” – Alyssa Doohry

In this week’s installment of Behind the Scenes with WhatRUWearing, we are yet again, granting access to our studio in between our moments of professionalism. When we invited Alyssa Doorhy, founder of CoChic Styling, to come hang with us, we had lots of catching up to do. Last time we chilled, she was the face of her family’s Lincoln Park boutique, Comfort Me, single, and definitely not thinking about bridal. These days, she is styling some of her past boutique customers and after being inspired by planning her own wedding, styling fashionista brides all over Chicago! After taking a peek into our conversation on the old ass conspiracy theories on Beyonce’s fake pregnancy with Blue Ivy and Kim K’s most famous ass-et, check out Alyssa’s Fast Fashion podcast episode.