Behind the scenes with WhatRUWearing: 05 Blake VonD- Digital Influencer, Lawyer & overall Bad Ass!

“I think bloggers, in general, have done a good job making this job look easy and fun. But sometimes, it’s neither of those things.”  – Blake Von D.

We are so excited to bring you our latest episode of BTS. A few weeks ago, we sat down with Blake, the crazy, sexy, cool chic behind the site Blake Von D and it is safe to say that we are completely and utterly in love and and jealous of her life, all at the same time. In the short amount of time we spent with her that day, we learned that Blake has slept in Nelson Mandela’s house, eaten ostrige and got out of bed just mere hours before our in studio session, just to be with us- and that was all after we were done recording her podcast episode. We LOVE behind the scenes.