Behind the Scenes with WhatRUWearing: 02 – Lily Duevel, founder of Ladder PR and adoptedSTYLE

“There’s always time. If you are passionate about something, you will make the time. It’s kind of like dating. Girls are always like ‘well, why didn’t he call me?’ If he wanted to see you, he would make the time. If you want to do something, you’ll make the time!” — Lily Duevel

On Friday, August 26, we joined forces with marketing and communications queen, Lily Duevel. The fearless leader and founder of both Ladder PR and adoptedSTYLE filled us in on how she’s been hustling since middle school and the keys to successfully operating two companies while working a full time job and ensuring that she gets her Soul Cycle fix for the week. With a personality that actually breathes life into any room, we caught Lily in action during sound check. She wanted to know everything about everyone in the room and once that was over, she and Meghan casually chatted about Mario Tricocci’s “Make me a Model” fashion show that was taking place that evening. With this week’s episode of Behind the Scenes with WhatRUWearing, you’ve been granted access to seeing Lily in action and getting an exclusive peek at the studio recording session. And if you haven’t already listened to Lily’s Fast Fashion episode or are simply in need of a little inspo, be sure to check it out here.