Belted Jackets Are The Piece We Never Knew We Needed

The latest trend is making every super woman look like a #bossbabe, and we are loving every minute of it. Belted jackets are the look we never knew we needed. We should’ve known it was going to be hot this year, considering they have even made their way as pieces onto the red carpet for all award shows. Now is the best time to get on this trend, as designers and your favorite stores have made tons of version to meet anyone’s style game.

From bold and printed, to neutral and classic trench, the belted jacket doesn’t take much to make a huge statement. In fact, it made major waves during London and New York Fashion week when it came to street style. Plus, did we mention how amazing it accentuates your waist and makes you look sexy AF?

But what’s the best part about it? Anyone can wear it and pull it off, simply because anyone can mix their own style into it. Make it sexy by wearing a bralette or nothing underneath. Don your athleisure side by pairing with sneakers and joggers. You can even keep it super retro with a plaid print. If you jacket didn’t come with a belt, then get creative! Throw on your favorite belt over an unsuspecting item like a puffer coat. Or find a really extra belt and place it over a simple black blazer or trench. As a result, you’ll instantly look chic and dope AF, and you put it together all by yourself.

The key to pulling off belted jackets? Keep it chic by belting it. If you don’t belt it, it loses all it’s fashion points and reasoning behind your power look.

Still don’t think there’s a belted jacket for you? Get real! We gathered up different looks so you can see which one makes you feel the most like the bad ass woman you are. Trust us, you’ll feel like you’re strutting down the runway and not the gross city streets. Check them out below.