Bermuda Shorts Are Here Y’All & They Got A Serious Sexy Upgrade

bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts are getting a massive upgrade.

If you went into your favorite clothing store or for damn sake’s a Zara in the last few weeks, you saw the mass amounts of shorts. But we aren’t talking your average daisy dukes. Oh no, there’s a new pair of shorts taking over,  and they’re anything but short shorts. At first, we weren’t really sure of the vibe, but once we saw stylists all over dressing celebrities in them, we were obsessed and had to slip a pair on ASAP.

This year’s trend went a different route than last year. Back in 2017, Bermuda shorts came in denim, and that was it. This time around, they come in multiple prints and fabrics. From plaid and cargo to leather and suede, these bottoms are sexy AF and not one to mess around with. Keep it sporty and simple with a sweatshirt and sneakers. Or pair it with heels and a blouse. Everyone can add their own personal style to it.

If you want something more street style, take the closest thing you can to the Bermuda look and take on cycle shorts.  We know what you’re thinking. Neon uncomfortable bottoms your mom made you wear as a kid is back in style? We’d like to say not exactly,but yes, that’s right. Kourtney and Kim recently took it to another level by wearing metallic colors, and it was spotted all over the weekend of Coachella.

The 80s movement is making a massive comeback and is receiving an upgrade from those childish days. The pair of shorts were on almost every runway show from London to New York. Additionally, we know some of our fav stores are already loading up the shelves with them.

Back to Bermuda babes – check out some of our fav street style game with the looks and start shopping now!