These Are The Jeans To Look For If You Want To Trick People Into Thinking You’ve Done Massive Numbers Of Squats

Big booty, big booty, big booty, oh yeah, heck yeah big booty! We all want a bigger and peachy butt, but the reality of it is, some of us just don’t have it. But luckily, designers heard our cry of lack of junk in the trunk, and came up with an amazing way to make it look like we did all those squats are trainer yelled at us to do…

No, we totally aren’t talking about butt pads that you see in the lingerie department – one slap on those and you’re instantly guilty. We’re talking about the material that has brought magic to many – wax butt-lifting jeans. The pants instantly give you a lift and round your booty, making it look as Kim K. as it can. The jeans are made with was, meaning the pockets give you an instant lift and make it look juicier than ever with it’s rounded pockets. Optical illusions are the sh*t, no!?

Whether you choose a pair of black skinny’s, flare baby blues or white summer bottoms, the possibilities of enhancement with zero surgery is endless. However- word to the fashion wise – the wax smell does casually stick around – but hey, beauty is … smelly … right? The best part? They’re on all price points from Levis to Charlotte Russe and Agaci.

When choosing a booty upgrade with your fashion, make sure you try them on to see how they fit around your hips, as the wax can affect your typical size. But once you find the right size, get ready for those compliments to start coming in – no, seriously. So lay off the squats and relax  – it’s summer! Start some cardio right now by scrolling through stores that now offer butt lifting and enhancing jeans.


Charlotte Russe



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