The Hottest Fall Hairstyles to Try Now

If you’re anything like us, then you’ve spent the past few weeks, or even months, planning your fall hair color. It seems like with every new season comes a new hair trend to keep up with, from ombre, baylage, ombre balayage (yes, this is a thing), the “sexture” (also a thing), babylights, rainbow hues, quartz hair color, hair contouring and more! And while it’s always a plus to know exactly what you want, keeping up with trends can prove stressful and overwhelming due to the many options available. 

Even though we typically depend on Instagram and Pinterest as our main forms of gathering hair and beauty inspiration, we recently came across The Right Hairstyle, a website that categorizes exactly what you are looking for and gathers inspiration from all over the internet. If you haven’t already stumbled across them, it’s definitely worth giving their website and/or Pinterest a peek. On their site, you can search styles by hair length, hair type, cut style, color, and even your face shape! Keep scrolling below to see the looks we’re currently digging and tweet us your fall hair inspo at @WRUWPRGirl