The Best Places To Shop High Waisted Mom Jeans

High waisted mom jeans are looking just as trendy right now as chunky dad vacation sneakers. No, seriously. We didn’t believe it either until we saw Kylie Jenner’s recent Instagram posts wearing them. Of course, she looked like one haute mom.


The first photo was of Kylie in front of a cute country house. She paired the high-wasited mom jeans with a black crop top with thick strap. “a blessed birthday ✨ so grateful..” she wrote, looking natural. While the high-wasited mom jeans are loose and baggy, Kylie flawlessy showed how glamorous they can be with her sophisticated and stylish black top.

The sexiness didn’t stop there, though. She later posted another photo. This time around, she showed off a more sultry and provocative side by pairing with a hardly there crop tank top and amazing neon heels.

This goes to show that high waisted mom jeans don’t need to be boring. They can easily keep up their sex appeal by pairing with a more daring top like Kylie did.

The best part about the denim is they can be worn with all different kinds of kicks and styles. Dress them with some stilettos and fancy them up, or pair them with your favorite sneaker. We’ve also seen tons of celebrities like Hailey Baldwin match them with combat boots from Doc Martin, making them look on point. The possibilities are endless.

If a crop top isn’t your thing, try pairing with your favorite band t-shirt or a basic white tank. It will look clean and collective, instead of messy and 80s. The most important part when looking for a pair? Find one that doesn’t make your butt look totally flat or baggy. That way, it looks more hot and less actual, well, “mom jeans.”

Ready to dive into the trend but don’t know where to shop. Here are some of our favorites.


Not only are they cheap AF, but they are sure to fit a little better than a vintage pair.

Nasty Gal:

Nasty Gal put some sexy rips in the jeans to keep them more modern, and less mom.


ASOS is your endless shop for mom jeans. They have major brands like Tommy Hilfiger, but they also have cheaper versions that are just as great from stores like Missguided.

Fashion Nova:

If you’re curvy, don’t fear the mom jeans! Fashion Nova will fit you flawlessy and have you looking good AF in a pair of the high waisted mom jeans – trust us, add it to your cart and you will see!