The Best Purple Shampoo To Save Your Blonde Hair This Summer

We’ll be the first to admit – blonde can be pretty high maintenance. Whether you’re natural or hiding what’s underneath, there’s a lot of work when it comes to keeping your light locks shiny and healthy – especially when it comes to summer. Between the pool, salty beach water and drying out sun, there’s a lot that of factors that could take away from the phrase, “blondes have more fun.”

When the season takes its toll, there is a mini life saver to save you during in-between visits. Meet your new BFF, purple shampoo. It makes any shade of blonde brighter and takes out unwanted brass or yellow. But how does one shop for the perfect purple shampoo? We did the work for you and gathered our favorite ones. Check them out below.

Some purple shampoos smell like porta potties, but not this one! Its formula makes your hair so much better looking, you’ll feel like you just came out of the salon.
Blue Malva Shampoo, $40

If you’re balling on a budget – this is your go-to. This lavendar shampoo is as purple as they come and gives any blonde a silvery and white-based blonde finish. We will admit it, the smell is a little rough, but you’ll see it’s entirely worth.
Shimmer Lights Conditioning Shampoo for Blonde & Silver, $12.69

Bleach and summer are hard enough of your strands. This is perfect with you need some extra TLC with it’s chamomile, honey and quinoa. Best part yet? It’s sulfate-free, so you know your hair won’t get any more damage.
Blonde Sexy Hair Sulfate-Free Bright Blonde Shampoo, $39.95

If your hair color is feeling a little lifeless, here’s the best pick-me-up! It has fresh citrus juices, violet leaf, rose and bergamot oils meaning it smells amazing, and its seawood formula makes your hair extra soft unlike some purple shampoos. They also make it in a travel size, meaning you can look like a blonde honey even on vacay.
Lush Daddy O Shampoo, $32.95