Biker Shorts Outfits: How To Wear Them For Fall

Biker shorts outfits are totally to be blamed on the Kardashians. Hate them or love them, they’re here to stay. Yes, even for fall and winter! Don’t believe us or think they’re just a fad? Hell. No. They were spotted on Paris Fashion Week runways of Acne Studios, Chanel, Stella McCartney and more. As a result, they totally have to live through the fall and winter months in order to be just as big for spring – and we have no doubt they will survive.

We won’t lie, one of our favorite part about putting together biker short outfits is we know we’ll be comfy AF. Choose a pair with lace on the hemline, or ones with a sick athletic stripe down the side. Additionally, you can even find pairs that come ripped or with sexy fishnet, spicing up any t-shirt or sweatshirt.

But here’s the major question. How do we pull of biker short outfits for fall and winter? You layer and find oversized pieces that show off the shorts without making the full focus that you’re in shorts. Even in winter we wear skirts and dresses, so why not these?

Depending on how you put it all together, friends are seeing your look as sexy AF, or casual and chic. Sneakers go well with the fall piece, as does chunky heels or booties. For that reason, it’s a versatile piece you need to take advantage of while you can. Consequently, one of our favorite looks with black biker shorts involves an over sized sweatshirt. Because it’s so cozy, you might not ever want to take it off. Additionally, throw on an anorak or a oversized denim jacket with it, and you look like Hailey Baldwin’s stylist just put together the best getup ever for you. If you want to make it extra, add some dope earrings, branded socks or a bold jacket.

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Scared you’ll actually end up looking like you’re ready for spring instead of colder months? Try taking cues from some street style icons who flawlessy pulled off the look of biker shorts outfits for fall.