4 Ways To Wear Birkenstock Sandals With Socks & Rock It

We’ll be the first to admit – Birkenstock sandals are really not WRUW’s thing. But, we also will be the first to admit that there is something fashionably sexy about someone who pulls them off in a dope way. Consequently, we are here to tell you how to be that person.

If you think this isn’t an actual look, think again. Even Kim Kardashian several months back went out wearing flip flops and socks. As a result, tt’s the latest thing taking over the style forecast, and as we mentioned above, if you can wear it right, you instantly become a fashion queen. Furthermore, did we mention it’s comfy AF. The key ingredient to pulling it off? Wearing it with confidence and making it your own.

The style is for the daring who can know they look like a BMF. What’s the best way to creating this feel? Here’s our suggestions.

Go Bright:

When you go bright with Birkenstock sandals, you’ll be trendy AF and a HypeBae. It gives you instant fashion credit and makes people know you didn’t just slip on some sandals to run errands – it was def intentional and thought out.

Go Monochrome:

If you got to keep it simple, keep it monochrome. It’ll give you that slight edge you need and won’t overly draw attention to your feet.

Go High Designer:

Um, what’s the point of buying designer socks if you can’t show them off? This is one of our favorite ways to wear socks with sandals. It’s a cheaper version of being a designer snob than buying an different article of clothing, yet screams chic and fashionable.

Go Fuzzy:

Alright – it’s fall and winter for damn sake. Therefore, your feet are going to be cold. If you live in a cold area, you better believe you need a thick fuzzy or warm pair with your Birkenstock sandals. While practical, you’re still showing off that you can pull off this style.