Blake Lively’s Instagram Got Real Weird & We Have SO MANY Questions

Blake Lively can’t come to the phone right now .. why? Because – we have no clue, actually.

We don’t know what is happening to Blake Lively’s IG, but we need answers and we need them now! First, this whole thing happened:

Then, Blake, or should we say, uh, Emily, unfollowed her hubby Ryan Reynolds and pretty much the rest of the world besides 27 total randoms all named Emily Nelson…

So is it a hack, or is it a stunt?

Blake is besties with Taylor Swift, who also planned a genius way to market her new music using a IG refresher, and Blake may be getting help from the mastermind in order to help promote her new movie, Simple Favor – which just so happens to be about  a woman named Emily Nelson who vanishes.

Only time will tell, but this is the one and only moment we totally wish our name was Emily Nelson. God bless those who were the chosen ones!