WTF: This Body Scrub Has A 50,000 People Waitlist

The unicorn frap trend isn’t just at Starbucks. It’s now been incorporated into your beauty routine as a scrub by Frank Body.

The glittery “Shimmer Scrub” is a coffee scrub that is made from “Glow Dust.” Uh, what? The product says,, “That’s tiny gold and silver particles which hug your skin, just like highlighter for your bod.” It also states it will “make your skin shimmer, like a disco ball.”

What the &^*@ is it made of? It contains coffee, salt, and sugar to buff away all your dead skin cells, just in time to save you from your recent spring break trip. It also moisturizes with grapeseed oil and Vitamin E, leaving you with extra magical smooth skin.

Frank’s press says it’s”the closest thing to glow dust,” also noting that the “tiny gold and silver particles [are] packed with electrical properties to turn your skin on — and up.”

It’s basically like if you drank a Starbucks unicorn frap and then sweated it straight out of your skin. According to Allure, it does make your exterior glow – “but not in a scary, glittery way. It produced more of a subtle, dewy sheen, kind of like a dry body oil: more radiant and less disco ball.”

If it sounds great, don’t get your hopes up. There is over a 50,000 person waitlist. Yes, fifty … thousand … people are waiting to get their disco on. The craziest part? It’s not even out yet.

“Glowing skin is at the top of every beauty girl’s want list, and products that highlight and strobe have been the lead trend in the color cosmetic world for some time now,” says Jess Hatzis, co-founder of Frank Body. “Combining a shimmer effect with the benefits of our body scrubs makes a product that already gives great results even more fun.”

And of couse, the packaging is just as cool as the product. “Stepping away from our traditional packaging was a risk, but we knew our customer would love the holographic packaging, which is also having a fashion moment. Who doesn’t love shiny things?”

Considering how Frank’s brown coffee scrub still takes over our IG scrolls, we can only imagine how creative people get with their pics for this glitter bomb.

So here’s the important question … how much does it cost? Luckily, only $19.95. So is all that glitters gold? Only time will tell for the IG world to speak about how great (or not) the product is.