Bold Lipstick: What He’s Really Thinking

The answer to the question we’ve all been waiting for: What do guys really think of our bold lipsticks? When we not-so-secretly make that initial eye contact from across the room and wonder when they are finally going to come over and say hi, have you ever wondered what is really going through their mind when they see our vibrant lips? Although we most certainly do not choose our weekend lip color, or any makeup, for that matter, based on what the male species thinks, these insights may help you when coordinating your color-of-choice for your next manhunt. From dark and daring, to orange and purple, to even the classic hot pink and valiant reds, here are the answers we snagged from real guys on the streets of Chicago:

Disclaimer: WhatRUWearing does not encourage any of our readers to change their signature lip color based on male preferences. This question was posed with genuine curiosity and overall fun.

Now ladies, while these answers certainly are entertaining, I think we can all agree that lipstick in general is the best accessory, no matter the color.