Boyfriend Shorts Are Actually Trending Right Now – Here’s How To Make Them Look Good

Boyfriend jeans have literally just gotten the cut. The newest summer trend is a pair of distressed boyfriend shorts, which have been spotted on major celebs like Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian, and are a blessing for all who just aren’t into the whole short-shorts thing. Although they are the perfect casual meets effortlessly glam outfit, it’s easy to style them wrong and look like you’ve just returned from being the most recent contestant voted off the island. To save you from making that mistake, we pulled together the best way to style the piece.

Make it dressy

It may be denim, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them more glamorous and less grunge. Style a pair with ankle strap heels and a blazer to create a more flattering and polished look. Take it to the next level and add a statement necklace of flashy pair of earrings and you’ve got the perfect #lotd.


Show some skin

The best way to level out a masculine look, is to pair it with something sexy! Baring a sliver of your tummy can take the laid-back shorts to a whole new level. We suggest throwing a jacket on top to make it the perfect amount of modesty.


Canadian tuxedo

Denim on denim sounds crazy, but trust us, it’s not. Either wear a light color wash on the bottom and a dark on top, or a dark denim on bottom and a lighter wash on bottom. Whether it’s a jean jacket or a denim button-down, we can promise you’ll look 100p. Going out to the club? Pair it with thigh high boots for a flawless night out ensemble.

Wear with a print

Sometimes denim just needs a little pop of something, something like a pattern. Whether you want polka dots, gingham or animal, prints are an easy way to upgrade your shorts look.

Pair it with a solid white or black top

There’s something gorgeous that happens when denim is matched with a solid white or black top. Whether it’s a basic as seen on Kim K below, or a fancy blouse, it’s the best fool-proof way to wear the trend.