Bridesmaids Duties: The Most Horrific Things Brides Have Made Us Do

When you’re asked to be in a wedding, you automatically know you will have some expected bridesmaid duties and have to drop some cash. However, you don’t know exactly what the bride expects from you. 

According to Weddingtonway, the average lifetime cost of bring a bridesmaid totals up to over $6,000! But it’s not even the cash that is always the craziest request. Bridesmaid duties have taken a whole new turn.

The stress the bride suffers, or want of attention can certainly cause some outrageous requests. Check out some of the most outrageous bridesmaid duties to exist.

Kara, 27-years-old
For our gift, we were all given thongs. We were pretty confused when we opened them, but then the bride explained that we all must wear those for the wedding. Sure, getting a bracelet or earrings seems to make sense, but all having to wear the same underwear, and it be our gift seemed a little weird and extreme.

Jessie, 31-years-old
We were forced to do a bridesmaid boot camp, I kid you not. It was six weeks long and if we didn’t do it, the bride told us she would be extremely upset with us – we had no choice! On top of the cost, it was exhausting and took up each Saturday. Needless to say, me and that bride don’t even talk any more.

Bridget, 24-years-old
The night of her rehearsal, she saw my gel nails, which I had just gotten done for the wedding, and asked me to take it off. This wasn’t because it was an outrageous color or anything, but it was too similar to the color she had on … um, what?

Shauna, 33-years-old
She had three different bachelorette parties and each one was out of the country. The weird part is only certain bridesmaids were only invited to certain ones. For example, I got invited to go to Ibiza, while two of the other bridesmaids were expected to go to Vegas. It was weird that we each had a different location and TBH, no one understood it.

Dom, 29-years-old
We were expected to go to Burning Man. Burning. man. That’s all I really will say.

Hallie, 24-years-old
The bride only booked one hairstylist for us for 10 girls in three hours. Not sure where the lack of communication happened. Half of us looked like a hot mess because we expected to get our hair done. The bride kept it cool, but it was a pretty big mishap.

Megan, 23-years-old
I was the MOH and was given a list of foods I needed to order for the morning of the wedding. It totaled at about $600. I also was expected to bring any of the groceries, additionally with the food being delivered. I expected to get paid back, but I have sent the invoice and am still working on getting the money back.

Jolie, 27-years-old
The day before the wedding, the bride gave me and IG account. She said I would be in charge of their Instagram page and social media. I do social media for my job, but never expected it as one of my duties as a bridesmaid. Isn’t the wedding the time I get to relax and let loose?! I did it as long as I could before finally saying f*ck it and slamming drinks.