Brow Down B*tches: You Totes Need To See What This Brow Expert Said About Microblading

Brows are a big deal – you mess them up, you pretty much feel like your life is ruined. The latest rage? Microblading. But WTF is it exactly and is it worth it? We caught up with brow expert, Maddie Thompson, the founder and CEO of Madluvv Brows. After taking her makeup artistry all over the world, Maddie decided last year to start her career as a microblading artist – flash forward to today, and Maddie has successfully created nearly 500 amazing sets brows for her clients, has built a successful training program and social media platform, and most recently launched her official Madluvv product line.

Microblading, and teaching the art of microblading, have become her passions, meaning she’s the perfect person for WRUW to catch up with and get the truth about the latest trend and technique.

What exactly is microblading?

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing for the eyebrows, and is also referred to as semi-permanent makeup or micropigmentation. Microblading creates the most realistic brows of any method using a handheld tool comprised of micro needles in the shape of a blade, hence the name Microblade! This technique is performed without using a machine, put rather a handheld pen. The artist manually dips the microblade tool into pigment, which is then deposited into the epidermis. This technique gives the appearance of  extremely fine, precise, natural looking hair strokes that last up to 2 years.

Can anyone get it done – who are the best candidates?

Anyone can get microblading done, even those with extremely full brows!

(with exception of those who have pre-existing health conditions, which might interfere with the procedure. Ie; pregnancy (you may with a doctor’s note), serious diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, autoimmune disorders (doctor’s note is required) and or are currently on Accutane (must wait 1 year after treatment ends).

Alright let’s get to the catch – is it painful?

Microblading seems painful in context, but with a quality lidocaine based numbing solution is remarkably painless. When asked, the majority of my clients say that microblading feels less painful or similar to tweezing, some don’t feel anything at all.

What does it usually cost?

Anywhere from $350-750 depending on the experience and location of the artist.

What are the upkeeps?

There really is no upkeep with microblading after the touchup appointment. Applying ointment once a day (given to you by the artist) and keeping your brows untouched and dry for the week following your appointment is really all the upkeep your brows will take!

Do you see thick brows staying in trend for awhile – or do you see any crazy trends coming up in the brow world?

I wouldn’t necessarily say thick brows will stay in trend, but rather proportionate brows. Trends come and go, which are sometimes comical and scary, but a proportionate brow to someones face is timeless. When I think of timeless brows I think of Kim Kardashian, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Cindy Crawford and Brooke Shields.

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