Buy These Beauty Products Now To Survive Post Lollapalooza

Lollapalooza was a blast, but it also blasted your skin, energy, and locks. Just like you prepped for the event, you also have to fix yourself up after it. Between the alcohol, weather, porta-potties and dirt, you could use a mini detox. Here’s four easy and lazy girl ways to get back on track.

Face Masks

Did your face get dry? Did your pores make an evil return? Is your face now shining? Face masks will give you a quick start that you need to get your skin back to normal. No matter what your issue is, there’s a face mask out there for it.

Lemon and cucumber water

Hydration is important to any beauty regimen. Adding cucumber and lemon will give your hydration and that extra something you need after the long weekend. It’ll help remove any bad toxins from your body and give you the nutrients you’re lacking. It’ll also help boost your energy, making up for all that sleep you didn’t get.

Hair Mask

The weather can give your hair some damage. Reach for coconut oil, which will set in your hair shafts and repair within.

Body Oil

A dry desert and alcoholcan wreak havoc on your entire body! Recharge and revamp with a body oil. It’ll get your skin silky and smooth, just like it was pre-festival.