Camouflage Is Back So You Might As Well Wear It While The F Ya Can: Here’s How

It comes, it leaves, then it always returns sooner than we expect – we are talking about camo print.

Just when we think it’s dumb AF and gone, it returns (okay, or Kim wears it and it’s once again cool.).  The pattern has made one major return and is anything but hidden when it comes to shopping, landing itself on hot labels like ASOS, Forever 21, H&M, Naked Wardrobe and so much more.

Get your troops together and on board for the look, because this trend is everywhere. Jackets, joggers, jean shorts, cargos and more. The popular style is perfect when you want a casual look with some edge, and because it’s dominating the fashion world, it’s easy to find the perfect piece for you. Not ready to jump in the battle? Instead of going full blown army, try a green military jacket or olive green jeans instead.  And because it’s a trend that isn’t going to stick around a super long time, you probaly don’t want to spend a sh*t ton of money on it. We rounded up some of the cheapest and best army print stuff so you can still afford your Ubers and basic b*tch lattes. Shop them below.

Camo T-shirt Dress, $10

Camo Print Shorts, $35


Plus size, sheer, camo top, $18

High Rise Army pants, $35

Camo zip skirt, $19.90