Cheers! You Can Now Have Rosé & Mimosa Deordorant To Match Your Brunch

A deodorant brand is taking rosé all day to a whole new level.

Next time you head out to meet your girlfriends for brunch, don’t forget to include Native’s latest beauty product. The Indie brand came out with a Brunch Scents deodorant line which contains Rosé, Mimosa and Sangaria – and it’s one drink you might want to skip posting on the IG. Have as much as you want, and feel fresh, without the hangover. Hey, who wouldn’t want their armpit to smell like their fav beverage – p.s. thanks for leaving the Bloody Mary out of the mix!


Each scent contains essential oils that seriously smell exactly like the real deal. Even better, they contain all-natural ingredients including vitamin E, baking soda, shea butter, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. So while we might not be always able to grab a bottle any where any time, we can at least grab the next best thing – deodorant. We’ll cheers to that!