Here’s How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps Fast AF

The only worse thing than being hairy in the summer? Razor bumps and burns. But, it happens to us all! Unfortunately, it usually happens when we have to show off our legs in a bikini or mini skirt. But don’t worry, we rounded up some fast acting ways to get rid of the bumps so…

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Mess Up Your Fake Tan For Memorial Day Weekend? We Got You

Whether you’ve used it a billion times or it’s your first encounter – it’s easy to mess up self tanner. Maybe the foam left uneven streaking or you glided the tanning wipe one too many times, the first thing that usually happens is a state of panic. Before you freak out, take a deep breath…

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This Easy DIY Hair Mask Will Keep Your Locks In Check For Summer

We don’t want to ever be complainers about the summer months, but when you have frizzy and dry hair, the struggle can be real. It seems impossible to tame any flyaways, and to even attempt to get your hair sleek and straight seems like a joke. Summer can cause your hair to get dry, leading…

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