Holiday Outfits For When You’re Bloated AF

Finding outfits for when you’re bloated AF is serious stress. It’s real, it makes us super dramatic and want to cry, and unless you’re lame af, you can’t avoid it. WTF are we talking about? The one and only holiday bloat. Sure, that meatball, blocks of cheese, 3 glasses of wine and chocolate cake was…

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6 Reasons Why The Year Of 2018 Was “The 90’s”

It may be 2018, but it also totally wasn’t. No, we aren’t high or on Xanax when we wrote this. We’re serious. How can that be, you ask? Because the 90’s totally shined through 2018. We’re not even sure if that makes sense. If you think about it, does that mean the 90’s are back…

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