Vogue’s Victoria’s Secret Article: WRUW Shares Their View

This past week, Vogue’s Victoria’s Secret article made headlines across the editorial board. So, what made it different? It was their real and honest opinion. No sugar coating anything. For example they explained why they use the models they have. In Vogue’s Victoria’s Secret article, they even explained about why they don’t use transgenders, which…

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What’s Your Seduction Style? Take The 13 Feminine Seduction Archetypes Quiz

Imagine if all of your ex-boyfriends, baes, and etc., divulged your most shining quality that had them hooked. If your friends, co-workers and even enemies confessed to the kind of energy you radiate or how you fascinate others–what wouldΒ they say? The psychology-backed 13 Feminine Seduction Archetype quiz is a guide that serves as a catalyst…

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Girl Power: Miriam Chan Creates A Bookstore Unlike No Other

Miriam Chan is #goals. She owns and founded The Lev. The Lev is a community bookstore founded to build a community around women and books. It promotes women and people of color writers. Hell yeah! She gets this accomplished by community events that include author talks, workshops, story time & art hours, and book clubs.…

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