Why ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Still Has One Crazy Problem

Recently, we told you about an article on The Cut, which dealt with representation in the fashion and creative world when it came to inclusion. Now, with the movie and book Crazy Rich Asians out on display, others are realizing just how much is still lacking in today’s world of different culture, backgrounds, and lifestyles.…

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Mental Illness Rights At Work: Why It Needs To Be Talked About

Mental illness rights at work – what are they? Whether it’s you or someone in your cube, did you know that one third of women say depression and anxiety are causing problems at their work? But are we able to voice this without feeling guilty, ashamed or afraid we will get in trouble for it?…

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What To Bring To NYFW: As Told By NYFW Regulars

September is coming up fast, which means one thing – another fashion show. But the big question is what to bring to NYFW?! For those of you who have never experienced the magic of New York Fashion Week – it’s anything but glamorous (unless of course you’re a celeb).

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