Here’s How Much Debt Carrie Bradshaw Has In Real Life

It’s been 20 years since Sex and the City hit the television screens. Obviously to celebrate, we binge watched every episode we could. However, GiffGaff noticed something totally weird that’s always been on our minds, too. How the hell did these girls afford their lifestyle, and how did they even have a $1 in their…

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Pre-Black Friday Sales: The Best Online Places to Shop This Year

When it comes to Black Friday shopping, it’s a risky and intimidating move to go into it blindly. For those of you who aren’t shopping gurus like us, we thought we would let you in on our biggest Black Friday secret: knowing the best Pre-Black Friday sales and shopping them online EARLY. Instead of racing…

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Vogue’s Victoria’s Secret Article: WRUW Shares Their View

This past week, Vogue’s Victoria’s Secret article made headlines across the editorial board. So, what made it different? It was their real and honest opinion. No sugar coating anything. For example they explained why they use the models they have. In Vogue’s Victoria’s Secret article, they even explained about why they don’t use transgenders, which…

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