These Celebs Could Totally Pull Off The Man Romper

The “Romphim” (male romper) is real and the most bro thing we’ve seen all year.

The Kickstarter began two days ago for the company ACED Design, and they’ve already raised over $194,000. The Chicago-based brand surpassed their $10,000 goal, which means one thing – a whole lotta rompin’ romphims.

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“We … got to talking about the men’s clothing options out there. Everything was either too corporate…too fratty…too ‘runway’ or too basic,” they wrote on their fundraising website. We “just wanted more rompers in the world.” Obviously these guys have no idea what a pain it is to use the bathroom in these things or have a casual hook up … but not so fast! These dudes got a little smarter than our favorite designers and placed a zipper, so a guy has no problem when he “really has to go.” They even added adjustable waist tabs (we could def use this on a ladies romp), so you can expand after a full meal, and fit every size of man.

Since this is REALLY happening, we thought about what celebs we wouldn’t hate wearing the one-piece. Check it out below and tweet us and tell us who you think would pull off the man romper best.

Zac Efron

Who wouldn’t want to see a couple buttons undone revealing Zac’s six pack? From varsity jacket to romphim, it only seems right!

Ryan Reynolds

We didn’t think Ryan and Blake could get any cuter, but it turns out they can. If Ryan wore matching rompers with his family, we might literally die.

Liam Hemsworth

He’s already one of the best dressed guys in Hollywood, so he’ll of course be want stay on trend – plus, we think it’s totally Miley-approved.

James Franco

Because James Franco can pull off about anything and still look cool.