CEO & Founder of Johaab, Johanna Abitbol, Tells WRUW How Her Brand Is Giving Women A Voice

There’s one thing you see when browsing clothing line Johaab – bad a$$ women and dope clothes. The young CEO and of the brand had a vision, and she went for it and created something magical. Johaab is an entire universe consisting of fashion designs adapted to current times. Founder Johanna mixes the basics by focusing on cool fabrics and creates clothes with her ability to highlight details.  Johaab offers women’s clothing and accessories in which you feel good and stylish – which is what we all need, right?

WhatRUWearing caught up with the creative designer Johanna to talk about everything from being a boss babe and her background (which wasn’t fashion!), to trends and the latest essentials.

You originally didn’t plan on getting into fashion – how did you start your career?
J: I didn’t initially anticipate working in the fashion industry. When I was younger, I decided to say farewell to school a little early. Back then, it wasn’t as challenging to find a job in fashion as it is now. I then had the opportunity to land a few interviews and boom – I had one foot in the fashion world.

Your vibes are so bad ass and unique, we can’t get enough – what inspired you to go into the direction you went? Was there anything particular that also lead to your inspiration – a boyfriend, a tough time, a female role model – or did this all stem from yourself?

J (continued from above): We are fortunate to live in an era where women have the freedom to wear what they want and speak their minds. My line of fashion hasn’t particularly been inspired by difficult times or a specific person in my life. It stems from the desire to give women a voice and allow them to express their personalities, beliefs, and aspirations through clothes.

We read that your style motto is inspired by the quote “Style is knowing you you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” We love this! Can you tell us a little bit more about why this is what style means to you and how you put this quote into your pieces?
J: It’s a quote from Gore Vidal. He was so open-minded and always had nice suits! I think it’s good way to sum up fashion; you can put on whatever you want as long as you think it fits you and that you are ok aywith the image it gives about you. 

What advice do you have for a female trying to make it in creative work?
J: Take time to think. But then do everything as if you were in a hurry. Fashion does not wait, the world of business isn’t waiting around for you, – you’ll miss out if you’re not  at 100% efficient. But if you think you are ready for it, then do not hesitate for a minute.

Right, you need to go after what you want. What kind of woman do you envision wearing your clothes and accessories?
J: I hope, all kinds of women! no style, no shape, no preference, it’s for everyone.

Are there any iconic females or males who inspire you daily when it comes to your work.
J: I can’t really name one, I mean, i’m influenced by everything I see. In the streets, in movies, in shops. But I create more with a “what have we never seen before” spirit, than what in inspiring vibe.

That being said, Can you tell us a little more on the latest trends that you incorporated into your latest collection?
J: We put a lot of work on accessorie process. It’s an easy way to put any outfit to the next level. We focus in accessories. From head to toe, accessories make everything. We have a vintage trend and kind of “bling bling” collection at the same time.

Well, we’re obsessed. What is a must-have accessory for a first date?
J: I can’t answer to this question because everything depends on how you want to spend the rest of the night (laughs)!

Ha! Very true! What trend do you see taking over for spring and summer?
J: Colors! I think people are tired of black and grey. Everybody wants to wear colors! From red sunglasses to multi-color slippers, we can already see all the designers betting on this … Let’s start a colorful life with colorful clothes as they say…

Love that. What is a “cool girl fashion” everyone needs for this season
J: The skinny sunnies. We started to release this trend in “cat eye” forms, but with more of a super thin material. Tiny and mini glasses that hide the least of your entire eyeare so in right now. Not so good for the eyes (laughs), but cool for the style.

What can we look foward to when it comes to the new season and Johaab!?
J: We are already selling in a few shops and websites all over the world, so the next phase will focus on extending the brand to the maximum – and always go deeper with regards to what people want to wear. This is really why I do that, I want people to feel good and confident! So, if there is a chance I can help with the outer shell, – I must try.

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