Chance The Rapper Drove Lyft Undercover & You’ll Want To Watch It A Billion Times: VIDEO

BRB, we are now ordering tons of Lyft’s to find out if Chance the Rapper is one of our drivers.It doesn’t look like Chance the Rapper is running for Mayor, but he is endorsing Amara Enyia. The rapper raised awareness on Monday by tweeting a photo of a media advisory. “Chance the Rapper to hold press conference regarding Chicago mayoral election,” and “City Hall pull up.”

Later in the day, the artist became a Lyft driver and began a new career. Sh*t, can you imagine rolling up to Chance on your ride to work? It would make the day a hella lot better.

This is exactly why we LOVE Chance. He gave over millions of dollars to Chicago Piblic Schools and went undercover as a Lyft driver to encourage riders. He hopes that through the travel, he could get more people to support the city’s public school arts program. But the conversations are one of the most hilarious parts.

He even goes as far as telling people his name is “John,” at first before stating who he really is and raps as “John.” He even comments about people farting in his car … ha. He then teaches riders to Round Up and Donate from the Lyft app, which allows you to give to his charity, The New Chance Fund.

Chance, we love you and we don’t want zero problems donating to ya.  Watch below and enjoy!