Check Out These 5 Mini Bags That Are Kind Of A Big Deal

It might be small, but it makes a big statement. This season, it’s time to downsize! Bags are shrinking in size, making mini purses the hottest accessory around. We know – swapping from your huge bag that fits everything and more, to a micro is a little scary – but it’s perfect when you don’t need to lug something massive around and want to look like you have your life together.

Designers are taking some of their most popular bags and making them even tinier. Gucci just released a super mini marmont, and Louis Vuitton continues to carry adorable versions of their iconic pieces. Word to the wise – be sure to check dimensions when purchasing a micro – some are so mini they don’t fit an iPhone, but there’s no shame in that considering it’s in our hands almost 24/7 anyways.

The accessory is ready for any night out and fits the essentials – lipstick, money/credit cards, ID and keys – what more do you really need? Small but mighty has never held so much truth – check out some of our favorites below.

If you’re planning something lowkey or going to a festival, this baby bucket bag is perfect. Besides its colors being super adorable, its strap is way cozier than your heavy corssbody digging into your arm.
Jessie Neoprene Mini Bucket Bag, $39

Move over LBD, because a little black bag is even sexier. Perfect for every occasion, this tiny accessory makes a huge impact while conveniently carrying what’s most important for your day or night out!
Dune Sassies Micro Chain Tassel Bag, $72

If you’re more of a tote girl, don’t worry- there are plenty of micro versions. This little shiny number makes a statement with any outfit, and is slightly bigger for those who need to throw in more than one lipstick shade.
Carvela Micro Din Tote Bag, $60

If you’re fashion-forward, try this vintage style. It’s both retro and classy at the same time, and can upgrade any outfit’s details with its sequins and shiny strap.
Miranda Frame Crossbody Bag, $44

If you can splurge a little more, we highly reccomend this trendy mini. It’s by Karl Lagerfeld – yet is missing the Chanel price. Need we say more?
K Klassik Super Mini Leather Shoulder Bag, $189